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Oengus MacOg, the drumming storyteller from the band "PICTUS" has collected many of his most beloved stories, tales and jokes as told on stage at Pictus shows around the country and put them all on one album!

From the ever-popular story of the half-fae "Brocknar" to epic tales of the Immortal bagpiper, "Gordon of the House of Duncan" and real-life tales of heroic deeds by Bill Millen, the "Mad Piper of Normandy," Oengus' wit, wisdom and ability to weave a tale and enrapture audiences is on every track of this album.

If you are a fan of Oengus' storytelling, then this is the album for you! And if you're not familiar with Oengus' stories, you will be a fan after one listen of this album!



1 Brocknar 05:1
2. Dougal's Big News 01:02
3. Slumber of the Gods 05:16
4. An Irish 7 Course Meal 01:32
5. 25 Year Old Scotch 04:46
6. Flame of Wrath (The True Story of Bill Millin) 06:11
7. Dougal's Frantic Call 01:02
8. A Pict Song (A Poem by Rudyard Kipling) 04:56
9. The 9th Bear 10:27
10. Tae A Whisky 05:19
11. The Warrior Call of Moyturra 02:24
12. The Mead Diet 00:44
13. The Huntress (The Story of Boudicca, The Warrior Queen) 07:50
14. The Trowie Tune 09:03
15. The Sacrifice of Luna and Sulag (Feat. Bonny Moffatt) 02:53
16. The Beast of Bodmin Moor 02:58



Released July 17, 2020

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brad "Oengus MacOg" Sprauer at Krautberry Studio, Michigan USA

All content copyright 2012-2020 Brad Sprauer

Storytime With Oengus MP3 Digital Download

  • PLEASE NOTE: The ENTIRE album WITH the included CD artwork will be downloaded as ONE single compressed .ZIP file that will include each individual track as an .mp3, as well as all the artwork and liner notes.

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