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Where's Ceilidh?

Hey Clan Pictus! There will be a noticeable absence from the stage this weekend. While Tallisyn and Oengus will be there makin' music and stories for ye', Ceilidh will not be with us...but just for this weekend!

Here's what happened:

It seems as though a few days ago, oor bonnie and talented drummer, Ceilidh was oot pickin' raspberries in the forest behind oor house, when she was whisked away by the fae!

Normally, when this never see them again. But no' Ceilidh! She returned 3 days later, 5 years younger, and looked like she'd been in a wee skirmy.

So, apparently Ceilidh took over the land of the fae by force, and now, she's the Fae Queen!


So we all have tae deal wi' THAT now!

Nae worries! She'll be right as rain and back bringing' the thunder next weekend!

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