Update for 2021!

Greetin's Clan Pictus!!

We've been quiet over the last year, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy!

Let's break things down, shall we?

THE BAND "How you doin'?" We're...fine? We had some COVID related health issues that we're still sorting out, Oengus lost 45 pounds (NOT Covid related ) we gardened, made art, made music, regrouped, refocused and are ready to get back at it (as soon as all 3 of us are vaxxed!) We weathered some bad stuff, but no one is tougher than PICTUS and we're making plans to see you all again sooner than later!

NEW CD "TRIBE" It's nearly done! We have a few more listens, some art to finish and then it's off to the presses! We're gonna be taking pre-orders for the CD. We'll have a special package available for pre-orders that include some cool stuff we think you'll like! And Oengus takes full responsibility for the feet-draggin', we'll let him explain it to you in a later post.

LIVE SHOWS This is the big, honkin' question, aye? Well it looks like things are ebbing and flowing, but we are balancing wanting to play badly & missing all of you, with being as safe as possible, using reason and pragmatism. That said, we have our eye on late summer/autumn shows in 2021. But again, we have to wait and listen to the people who are smarter than us before we make any final decisions.

OTHER STUFF We're also working with our friends, fellow performers and stage-mates on some fun side projects, we'll keep you posted!

We love you, we miss you and we can't WAIT to get back on stage bringing the thunder to Clan Pictus! But most of all...THANK YOU for sticking with us through all of this...as long as we all remain understanding, patient and realize that the warrior spirit also embodies rest, reflection and the trust to let the wise and knowledgeable lead us.

** PLEASE share this message far and wide and tag Pictus everywhere, as Facebook really has been limiting our posts. So sharing and linking within facebook and Instagram and beyond, helps us to get our message to a wider audience tremendously. **


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