Midsummer Update from Pictus!

Greetings to our wonderful, amazing, dedicated and loyal fans and friends of Clan Pictus!

We wanted to give you an update as to what's happening in the land of Pictus, live shows, new music, new merchandise, etc.

We're having a great year so far! Festivals are reporting record numbers of patrons and we played a few new festivals in 2022. Our return to the Whitestown Indiana Viking Festival was a huge success! We made our first appearance at The Sleepy Hollow Renaissance Festival in Iowa and had a lovely time! We performed at (probably the world's only) Viking/Pirate Fest in Ohio at one of the most beautiful locations we've ever played. We reconnected with longtime fans and friends at the Iowa Renaissance Festival, and just completed our 5th season with the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival. We made tons of new fans and friends, shared the stage with some wonderful new acts (Bess & Marley and Pirate's Creed!) and are always delighted to have "family reunions" in every town we visit.

Live Shows For the Remainder of 2022

We have several shows between Midsummer & Autumn:

We're already looking forward to 2023, adding some new venues and locations and throwing in a few surprises here and there! Hope to see you at a live show soon!

New Music

I'm sure many of you have figured out by now, we're not one of those bands who releases, re-releases or revamps old releases just to have something to sell. We are original artists and composers; we write when the muse speaks to us, when we're inspired to do so. That said, we're already formulating in our heads what could be an epic album! Without giving too much away, it will be a full concept album, including a wholly original story line, all new music and new story telling, recorded and presented in a way that hopes to transport you to another time and place, weaving the story with the music. It looks to be an ambitious project, but with our producer and magician Steve Lesko of Crossbow at the helm, it's certain to be an immersive listening experience! We'll keep you posted!

Oengus' Storytelling Album

By popular demand, Oengus hopes to record a new storytelling album this winter. Similar to the digital only release from a few years back, this CD will be a fully immersive telling of many of the stories you've heard Oengus tell at live Pictus shows. With all new sound effects, blended with stories told as only Oengus can tell them, this album will be highly anticipated! He hopes to have physical copies for sale at all Pictus shows and online. Look for it Spring of 2023!

Merchandise; CDs and Tee Shirts!

This is a tough one. The pandemic and not performing for nearly 2 years, getting nearly zero income and yet still having revolving bills related to the band, coupled with ridiculous gas prices, it destroyed our savings. That said, we're having a tough time getting new merchandise in stock.

However! The good news is, our in house artist & graphic designer (and drummer, and dancer and warrior woman) Ceilidh Shillelagh is closing in on an ALL NEW tee shirt design we hope to have ready in time for the remainder of our 2022 shows! And we're hoping to restock our quickly dwindling CD stock as well.

If you are so inclined, and want to help expedite this process, we have PayPal and Venmo. Every little bit helps and we are full of gratitude & love for you amazing support and generosity.

Thanks to each and every one of you who inspires us to keep creating, performing and moving forward on this incredible journey! YOU are why we do this!

Fill the horn!

Light the fire! Pictus

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